Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Mulch Mate Made in the U.S.?


Yes, American Made!  We are a locally owned and operated Landscape equipment company in Central Maryland.  

Q: How Fast will Mulch Mate Load a Wheelbarrow?


With a touch of the joystick you can load a wheelbarrow in in about 3 seconds. 

Q: What is the expected Maintenance?


Keep unit clean, check battery condition and maybe replace the military grade tarp one a year. 

Q: Can I get a Mulch Mate Demo?


Yes you can contact us for a demo.  We are happy to bring you answers to every question about how mulch mate can help your company be more profitable.

Q: Will this restrict my truck?

Mulch Mate dual pivot hinge.

No,  you still have full use of your Truck. MulchMate's Dual Pivot Hinge allows you to swing unit for full access to truck bed.

Q: Is Mulch Mate Eco-Friendly?


Yep, we've built Mulch Mate with the environment in mind.  Electronic operation, no fumes...

Q: Do you have to dump mulch into it?


A: No dump bed is required. Mulch Mate uses a Military Grade tarp material and a 20,000 pound drive system to pull the mulch without ever using a dump bed.

Q: What is the power source?


A:  Mulch Mate is all electric and self contained. It is the first eco-friendly, zero emission mulch delivery system on the market today. No fuel, no oil, no engine noise. Two on-board 12 volt batteries and a charger is all you need.

Q: How do you install it?


A:  Mulch Mate installs with only a few hand tools and a drill. First remove the doors on the back of your truck. Lift the unit and align it with the back of your truck. Mark and drill the hole locations for the hinge and install the supplied bolts. Locate the latch plates on the passenger side with the hangers, mark and drill holes and install bolts.

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GIE Expo


Come see us!  We will be in booth number 24099 indoors and we will have a 1000 sqft booth outside where you can use Mulch Mate first hand.

We'll see you at the GIE Expo on Oct 16-19., 2018.  

Green Industry and Equipment Expo in Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville KY.  

Speed and Performance Data Coming Soon!


We're constantly testing and improving our Industry Leading numbers on speed, cost and value of Mulch Mate.  Check back again soon to see the latest info

Q: How long does it take to unload 10 yards?


3 men , 3 wheelbarrows, moving mulch 60 feet away takes only 12 minutes. Doing it by hand took 32 minutes. 

What can you do with the extra time?

Q: Can you run other materials?


You can run mulch, wood chips, Kiddie Mat, Pine Bark, wood shavings or similar material with no problem. If run as instructed you can use sand, stone dust and other materials. We are testing small stone as well. Stay tuned!!!

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Q: Can you still tow a trailer with a Mulch Mate?


Yes, there are several companies that sell hitch extensions for just such uses. Mulch Mate is only 30 inches so an extension is no problem at all.

What bodies does the Mulch Mate fit?

Landscape body truck

The Mulch Mate currently is designed to fit the Standard 96 inch hard side landscape body. It is not designed for optional 102 inch bodies. Stake body mount is currently in the design process.

Could I miss out?

Plan for a Mulch Mate today

Everyone wants to wait until Spring to order their Mulch Mate. So yes, if you don't at least pre-order your unit and wait until the last minute, you may not be able to get one in time. DON'T WAIT. A deposit is all it takes to put your name on one.

Are you looking for dealers?


Yes, We are currently looking for servicing dealers with active sales people to help promote this awesome labor saving device to an industry that has been waiting for a new piece of technology.