Increase the amount of mulch you do by 30 to 50% without hiring more people

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Grow your business without hiring more people


Automate vs Hiring

What would it do for your company if you could increase your mulch jobs by 30 to 50% without hiring more people? If you're doing 500 yards a year, how would you like to increase it to 800 or a 1000 yards with your same crew. Mulch Mate doesn't just eliminate the guy in the truck, it speeds up your ENTIRE CREW getting your crew on to the next job faster. One worker can only shovel mulch so fast for so long, but Mulch Mate can unload mulch and stone 3 times faster every time.


Labor , Labor, Labor Issues

I don't know a single company, no matter how big or small, that doesn't have labor issues. There just isn't enough good labor to go around. With Mulch Mate you don't need as many people to get to job done. Not to mention, retaining the good workers you have. Mulch Mate makes unloading trucks easier on your people. 


60 Foot Mulch Speed Test

Manual labor

5 workers - 2 shoveling in the truck - 3 moving wheelbarrows.

10 yards of mulch took 35 minutes to unload and move 60 feet.

Using the Mulch Mate

3 workers -0 shoveling in the truck - 3 moving wheelbarrows.

10 yards of mulch took 12 minutes to unload and move 60 feet.

What can you do with that extra time?????

Landscape & Hardscape Materials


More than Just Mulch

Not only can your crew move more mulch but now they will be able to load sand and small stone directly into their wheelbarrows dramatically speeding up your hardscape jobs as well. 

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Increase your mulch profits

 We know you have been looking for a solution to your mulch moving problems. Just hiring more employees isn't the answer. It's time to automate the way you move mulch. No more guys standing in the truck waiting for the wheelbarrows to return. No more back breaking pitchforks. Now you can just push a joystick and dispense mulch right into your wheelbarrow. And you can install the Mulchmate on a truck you already own.           Patent Pending


Installs on a Truck You Already Own

You don't have to buy another trailer, pay for more insurance or spend more money on tags. Just bolt Mulch Mate on your standard 96 inch truck body and start saving time, money and effort.                    Patent Pending


Doesn't Limit Your Truck

The Mulchmate installs on a truck you already own and doesn't limit you to only moving mulch. With the Patent Pending dual pivot hinge you can swing the unit away and still load and use your truck as you always have. You can even load debris after you unload the mulch and when you get to the dump site just swing the Mulchmate around, latch it to the side of your truck and dump your truck as usual. Then reload mulch and your off to another job. This is a unique piece of landscape equipment.                   Patent Pending

Why Mulch Mate ?

Your own truck

MulchMate can be installed on the truck you already own. 

All Electric Operation

Environmentally friendly.

Zero emissions

No idling the truck.

Virtually Silent

Electric motors only run 

when delivering mulch. 

Full use of Truck

MulchMate's Dual Pivot Hinge allows you to swing unit for full access to truck bed.

Tool Basket

Allows safe lockable and convenient access to hand tools.

What Maintenance?

A little grease.

A little cleaning.

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