See how fast you can load a wheelbarrow with the Mulch Mate. 

 This is a test of how fast Mulch Mate can deliver wet masonry sand into a loader bucket. WOW. That beats the heck out of a shovel. 

Run bulk salt to fill your spreaders this Winter instead of carrying 50 lb bags around. 

Save money and your guys backs.........

Man vs Machine

60 foot speed test between 5 men  shoveling 10 yards of mulch manually against 3 men using a Mulch Mate. It's not even close.......... 

 How to mulch with Mulch Mate  and still use your truck just like you normally do. This is so cool. 

 How to store and lock your mulching and landscaping tools with a Mulch Mate. 

 Made in America Mulch Mate 

Dump your truck with Mulch Mate latched to side of truck.

Mulch Mate easy to use Control Panel

White Board Explainer