How it Works

Mulch Mate DS1000 mounts to a truck you already own. Once in place, your mulch and hardscaping jobs just got easier and faster. 

To load your truck, simply unwind the tarp material across the bed of your truck using the wireless remote controller. Load mulch into truck and cover with excess tarp and attach to the take up roller on top of the unit. 

At the job site simply turn on the unit with the key and start the system with two green lights. Open chute cover and slide the chute door into the unit. You're now ready to dispense mulch directly into your wheelbarrow.

Press the joystick down to advance the load and run the conveyor until you have about half a wheelbarrow full then press the joystick up to top off and clear the conveyor belt. Be ready because it takes less then 3 seconds.

Mulch Mate Brochure