Truck Mate mounts to the hitch receiver on any standard  pick up truck allowing you to unload material like mulch, stone, topsoil and convey it in either direction directly into a wheelbarrow. The conveyor can also be removed from the tarp roller allowing you to unload any material right onto the ground.

$11,899              Patent Pending

Make your truck do the work


Truck Mate attaches to any standard pickup truck hitch with no modifications. Remove the tailgate and turn your truck into a material dispensing monster. With the push of a button you can pull material from the truck bed and fill a wheelbarrow in seconds. You can even run the conveyor in either direction.

Patent Pending

With the press of your finger


There is a button on each side allowing the user to simply press the button to pull material and run the conveyor toward you to load a wheelbarrow in seconds with almost no effort. Now you can have one man take one truck to knock out some of the small jobs in no time.

Patent Pending

Removable conveyor for easy dumping


For jobs where you may not need a conveyor to load wheelbarrows, you can remove the conveyor and pull material right out of the bed and dump it directly on the ground. This could be handy for debis or firewood deliveries. Truck Mate can pull more weight then your truck can even hold.

Patent Pending

Unloading stone doesn't have to kill you


What is worse than trying to shovel stone? Now with the push of a button you can easily unload rock, stone or gravel directly into wheelbarrows with the press of a button. And with the Kart Mate (pictured) you don't even have to push it anymore. Isn't time to stop killing yourself and your employees. 

Patent Pending

Truck Mate showing you just how easy it could be to unload mulch directly into a wheelbarrow.

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