Kart Mate is an articulating kart that mounts to a zero turn or stander mower you already own. It can carry 500 lbs and allow you to travel at the top speed of your mower. The tub can be dumped forward and the entire kart can be lifted vertically on the mower to take up minimal floor space on your  trailer. Hitch for your particular mower purchased separately.

$1,899            Patent Pending

Carry 3 times the material at 3 times the speed

Doesn't take up any floor space on your trailer.

Doesn't take up any floor space on your trailer.


Why push a small wheelbarrow at 3 mph when you can carry 500 lbs at 10 mph, and you're not even walking. The large front wheels carry the weight of the load, not you or the mower. Why let your mowers just sit idle in mulch season, put them to work saving you effort, time and money.

Patent Pending

Doesn't take up any floor space on your trailer.

Doesn't take up any floor space on your trailer.

Doesn't take up any floor space on your trailer.


With the Patent Pending design you can store the Kart Mate vertically on the front of your mower not taking up any additional floor space on your trailer. And if you need to detach it completely, you just pull the hitch pin and slide it off.

Patent Pending 

Forward Dump Feature

Forward Dump Feature

Forward Dump Feature


Front locking hinge allows you to tilt and dump material exactly where it's needed or simply hand spread mulch directly from the tub.

10 Cubic feet Tub

Forward Dump Feature

Forward Dump Feature


The large 10 cubic foot tub is ultra sturdy allowing you to carry 500 pounds of mulch, stone, firewood or debris with almost no effort. 

Mower Hitch Mount

The hitch receiver to attach the Kart Mate to your mower is different for each manufacturer. If you don't already have a hitch receiver on your mower it must be purchased separately. We currently have partnered with D'ttach Accessory Products to make them through their website www.PowerEquipmentDealer.com


A little demonstration of the articulating ability of Kart Mate. Move material easily over all kinds of terrain with almost no effort.

Kart Mate stores vertically to take up as little floor space on your trailer as possible. (Not that you would ever want to do this) Nick shows how strong the knuckle is, he can still mow grass while it is in the stored position.

Kart Mate can be used to move all kinds of materials. At our house, moving firewood just got a whole lot easier. What use to take 3 wheelbarrows now takes only one Kart Mate and I don't even push anymore.

Just a quick demonstration of how easy it is to dump over 500 lbs with very little effort. 

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